about us

About Us

Ara Pulido & Yaiza Bailén

Nido founders

We are two girls from Málaga who work remotely for an Open Source software company. After living in Berlin and working in a share space there, we liked the experience so much that we wanted to bring that environment and community to Málaga. Although there are a few business centres in the city, there are no coworking spaces as we understand them.

We created Nido to fulfill the need of having a nice working environment for us and the rest of independant workers in Málaga. Once having the experience of working in a place where you feel confortable and part of a community, going back to work at home or at a conventional office was not an option. We believe that you will feel the same.

Why in the city centre?

Because we like the urban life and the atmosphere in the city centres.

Because we believe in a urban model where you don’t have to take the car daily to work and, specifically in Malaga, most of the bus routes end in the city centre. We also believe in bikes for transportation.