what’s coworking

Image by Tara Hunt (http://www.flickr.com/people/missrogue/)
The coworking concept is quite new and it is the result of the evolution of the working models. More and more people are self employed or their employers allow them to work from anywhere in the world. Before coworking appeared, these working models only offered the possibility of working from home.

At the beginning, the idea of working from home seems ideal and a dream come true and probably during the first few months that’s the case. For some people, though, there is a time where something else is needed. This feeling made many independent workers escape to coffee shops with free wi-fi, looking for an alternative work environment. But the truth is that coffee shops are not the ideal place to work and in fact they don’t fulfill their needs. Mainly, what independent workers, tired of being alone at home, are looking for is:

  • Interaction with other people
  • Feeling of belonging to a professional community where they can share experience and ideas
  • A space to be productive and not think about the washing up
  • Division between work and home
  • Colleagues for coffee breaks or lunch

Coworking spaces appeared to fulfill these needs. It’s a concept that combines space and community. A coworking space is not just an office with tables, chairs and Internet, which also has, of course, but the main value are the people that are part of it. The coworking space pursues that coworkers network with each other, it is also active creating events and it tries to adapt to the independent workers life style. This is how we can have the advantages of working from home, with freedom and flexibility, and those of being part of a working community.

The most common type of workers that are part of coworking spaces are software developers, designers, writers, journalists, architects, translators, entrepeneurs, researchers, etc., but, of course, they are open to anyone.